Center for Fluid Mechanics


Learn about the faculty, postdoctoral and graduate students in the Center for Fluids Mechanics at Brown


  • Jesse Ault Jesse Ault

    Jesse Ault

    Assistant Professor of Engineering
    Research Interests: Classical fluid dynamics theory, Non-linear dynamical systems, Thermo-fluidic multi-physics phenomena, High-performance computing, Computational fluid dynamics, Electrokinetics
  • Kenny Breuer Kenny Breuer

    Kenny Breuer

    Professor of Engineering, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Director of the Center for Fluid Mechanics
    Research Interests: Experimental Fluid Mechanics, Animal Flight, Vortex Dynamics, Energy Harvesting, Active Matter, Micron-scale Fluidics
  • Bruce Caswell

    Professor of Engineering (Research)
  • Baylor Fox Kemper Baylor Fox Kemper

    Baylor Fox-Kemper

    Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences
    Research Interests: Oceanography, Mixing and Turbulence, Climate Modeling, Waves
  • Dan Harris Dan Harris

    Dan Harris

    Assistant Professor of Engineering
    Research Interests: Fluid-Solid Interactions at the Capillary Scale, Particle and Solute Dispersion in Viscous Flows, Open Hardware and Accessible Science, Mathematical Modeling for Biomedical Device Design
  • Chris Huber Chris Huber

    Christian Huber

    Associate Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences
    Research Interests: Research interests: multiphase fluid dynamics of magmas, porous media flows, lattice Boltzmann numerical methods.
  • George Karniadakis George Karniadakis

    George Karniadakis

    Charles Pitts Robinson and John Palmer Barstow Professor of Applied Mathematics
  • Jung-Eun Lee Jung-Eun Lee

    Jung-Eun Lee

    Associate Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences
    Research Interests: Climate Modeling, Global Water Cycle, Paleoclimate
  • Amanda Lynch Amanda Lynch

    Amanda Lynch

    Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences, Sloan Lindemann and George Lindemann, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies
  • Brad Marston Brad Marston

    Brad Marston

    Professor of Physics
    Research Interests: Statistical description of turbulent flows, including geophysical and astrophysical fluids, Waves of topological origin in fluids and plasmas
  • Martin Maxey Martin Maxey

    Martin Maxey

    Professor of Applied Mathematics and Engineering
    Research Interests: Shear Flows of Viscous Suspensions, Turbulent Two-phase Flows, Self-assembled Structures Using Magnetic or Electric Fields, Active Suspensions of Micro-swimmers, Bacteria
  • Tom Powers Tom Powers

    Tom Powers

    Professor of Engineering, Professor of Physics
    Research Interests: Soft Matter: membranes, liquid crystals, colloids, and polymers, Active Matter, Locomotion at low Reynolds numbers
  • Jay Tang

    Professor of Physics
  • Victor Tsai Victor Tsai

    Victor Tsai

    Associate Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences
    Research Interests: Seismology, Geomechanics, Fluid-Solid Interactions, Debris Flows, Waves
  • Roberto Zenit Roberto Zenit

    Roberto Zenit

    Professor of Engineering
    Research Interests: Two-phase flows: solid-liquid flows, bubbly flows, granular flows, Swimming in creeping flows: synthetic swimmers, non Newtonian effects, The mechanics artistic painting: Siqueiros, Pollock, watercolors, etc.

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Guillaume Durey

    Research Interests: Hydrodynamics of Active Matter
    Group Kenny Breuer and Tom Powers
  • Christopher Horvat

    Research Interests: Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Sea Ice, Climate Change
    Group Baylor Fox-Kemper
  • Leah Johnson

    Research Interests: Ocean Observations, Mixing and Turbulence, Air-Sea Fluxes, Climate Modeling
    Group Baylor Fox-Kemper
  • Xueke Li

    Research Interests: Arctic climate change - sea ice, atmospheric composition, climate modeling
    Group Amanda Lynch
  • Varghese Mathai

    Research Interests: Membrane Mechanics, Fluid Structure Interactions
    Group Kenny Breuer
  • Yunxing Su

    Research Interests: Viscoelastic coiling, Flow around rotating helices
    Group Roberto Zenit
  • Stuart Thomson

    Research Interests: Interfacial flows
    Group Dan Harris

Graduate Students

  • Gali Alon Tzezana

    Group: Kenny Breuer
  • Luke Alventosa

    Group: Dan Harris
  • John Antolik

    Group: Dan Harris
  • Abigail Bodner

    Group: Baylor Fox-Kemper
  • Anson Cheung

    Group: Baylor Fox-Kemper
  • Asimanshu Das

    Group: Kenny Breuer
  • Matteo di Luca

    Group: Kenny Breuer
  • Xiaozhou Fan

    Group: Kenny Breuer
  • Xiaoyu (Rain) Fan

    Group: Baylor Fox-Kemper
  • Madeline Federle

    Group: Roberto Zenit
  • Joel Feske

    Group: Baylor Fox-Kemper
  • Siyang Hao

    Group: Kenny Breuer
  • Brad Lockhart

    Group: Amanda Lynch
  • Annette Lopez

    Group: Brad Marston
  • Wan Luo

    Group: Tom Powers
  • Robben Migacz

    Group: Jesse Ault
  • Mithun Ravisankar

    Group: Roberto Zenit
  • Aakash Sane

    Group: Baylor Fox-Kemper
  • Jian Teng

    Group: Jesse Ault
  • Mingyu Wang

    Group: Roberto Zenit
  • Weixuan (Rosa) Xu

    Group: Baylor Fox-Kemper
  • Xinyi Yu

    Group: Jesse Ault
  • Andres Zambrano

    Group: Roberto Zenit
  • Chenyu Zhang

    Group: Brad Marston
  • Yuanhang Zhu

    Group: Kenny Breuer