Center for Fluid Mechanics


Learn about the faculty, postdoctoral and graduate students in the Center for Fluids Mechanics at Brown.


  • Jesse Ault

    Jesse Ault

    Assistant Professor of Engineering
    Research Interests Classical fluid dynamics theory, Non-linear dynamical systems, Thermo-fluidic multi-physics phenomena, High-performance computing, Computational fluid dynamics, Electrokinetics
  • Kenny Breuer

    Kenny Breuer

    Professor of Engineering, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Director of the Center for Fluid Mechanics
    Research Interests Experimental Fluid Mechanics, Animal Flight, Vortex Dynamics, Energy Harvesting, Active Matter, Micron-scale Fluidics
  • Bruce Caswell

    Professor of Engineering (Research)
  • Baylor Fox Kemper

    Baylor Fox-Kemper

    Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences
    Research Interests Oceanography, Mixing and Turbulence, Climate Modeling, Waves
  • Dan Harris

    Dan Harris

    Assistant Professor of Engineering
    Research Interests Fluid-Solid Interactions at the Capillary Scale, Particle and Solute Dispersion in Viscous Flows, Open Hardware and Accessible Science, Mathematical Modeling for Biomedical Device Design
  • Chris Huber

    Christian Huber

    Associate Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences
    Research Interests Research interests: multiphase fluid dynamics of magmas, porous media flows, lattice Boltzmann numerical methods.
  • George Karniadakis

    George Karniadakis

    Charles Pitts Robinson and John Palmer Barstow Professor of Applied Mathematics
  • Jung-Eun Lee

    Jung-Eun Lee

    Associate Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences
    Research Interests Climate Modeling, Global Water Cycle, Paleoclimate
  • Amanda Lynch

    Amanda Lynch

    Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences, Sloan Lindemann and George Lindemann, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies
  • Brad Marston

    Brad Marston

    Professor of Physics
    Research Interests Statistical description of turbulent flows, including geophysical and astrophysical fluids, Waves of topological origin in fluids and plasmas
  • Martin Maxey

    Martin Maxey

    Professor of Applied Mathematics and Engineering
    Research Interests Shear Flows of Viscous Suspensions, Turbulent Two-phase Flows, Self-assembled Structures Using Magnetic or Electric Fields, Active Suspensions of Micro-swimmers, Bacteria
  • Tom Powers

    Tom Powers

    Professor of Engineering, Professor of Physics
    Research Interests Soft Matter: membranes, liquid crystals, colloids, and polymers, Active Matter, Locomotion at low Reynolds numbers
  • Jay Tang

    Professor of Physics
  • Victor Tsai

    Victor Tsai

    Associate Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences
    Research Interests Seismology, Geomechanics, Fluid-Solid Interactions, Debris Flows, Waves
  • Roberto Zenit

    Roberto Zenit

    Professor of Engineering
    Research Interests Two-phase flows: solid-liquid flows, bubbly flows, granular flows, Swimming in creeping flows: synthetic swimmers, non Newtonian effects, The mechanics artistic painting: Siqueiros, Pollock, watercolors, etc.

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Guillaume Durey

    Research Interests Hydrodynamics of Active Matter
    Group Kenny Breuer and Tom Powers
  • Christopher Horvat

    Research Interests Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Sea Ice, Climate Change
    Group Baylor Fox-Kemper
  • Leah Johnson

    Research Interests Ocean Observations, Mixing and Turbulence, Air-Sea Fluxes, Climate Modeling
    Group Baylor Fox-Kemper
  • Xueke Li

    Research Interests Arctic climate change - sea ice, atmospheric composition, climate modeling
    Group Amanda Lynch
  • Varghese Mathai

    Research Interests Membrane Mechanics, Fluid Structure Interactions
    Group Kenny Breuer
  • Yunxing Su

    Research Interests Viscoelastic coiling, Flow around rotating helices
    Group Roberto Zenit
  • Stuart Thomson

    Research Interests Interfacial flows
    Group Dan Harris

Graduate Students

  • Gali Alon Tzezana

    Group Kenny Breuer
  • Luke Alventosa

    Group Dan Harris
  • John Antolik

    Group Dan Harris
  • Abigail Bodner

    Group Baylor Fox-Kemper
  • Anson Cheung

    Group Baylor Fox-Kemper
  • Asimanshu Das

    Group Kenny Breuer
  • Matteo di Luca

    Group Kenny Breuer
  • Xiaozhou Fan

    Group Kenny Breuer
  • Xiaoyu (Rain) Fan

    Group Baylor Fox-Kemper
  • Madeline Federle

    Group Roberto Zenit
  • Joel Feske

    Group Baylor Fox-Kemper
  • Siyang Hao

    Group Kenny Breuer
  • Brad Lockhart

    Group Amanda Lynch
  • Annette Lopez

    Group Brad Marston
  • Wan Luo

    Group Tom Powers
  • Robben Migacz

    Group Jesse Ault
  • Mithun Ravisankar

    Group Roberto Zenit
  • Aakash Sane

    Group Baylor Fox-Kemper
  • Jian Teng

    Group Jesse Ault
  • Mingyu Wang

    Group Roberto Zenit
  • Weixuan (Rosa) Xu

    Group Baylor Fox-Kemper
  • Xinyi Yu

    Group Jesse Ault
  • Andres Zambrano

    Group Roberto Zenit
  • Chenyu Zhang

    Group Brad Marston
  • Yuanhang Zhu

    Group Kenny Breuer